Chevrolet Corvette, Shorter, More Powerful And Less Wind Resistance

A new Corvette is quite an event in the US sports car world, and the C6, as the 2005 model year Corvette is known, is no disappointment. With a slightly larger engine, a shorter body, firmer suspension, and a drag coefficient of only 0.28 very much top class the new car will be worth waiting for. New for Chevrolet is a roadster, with an automatically raising and lowering soft top well, not quite new as there was one about 40 years ago! There's also an option of automatically adjusted damping a true innovation. Droop nose, high tail and low drag Visually, this is instantly recognizable as a Corvette, not least because of that huge rear wrap-around window and the high wide tail. The nose now droops down more, and the lower apron seems to almost sweep the road. There is a wide, shallow air intake at the front, and fashionable teardrop headlamps. Presumably to reduce wind resistance and give adequate trunk space, the tail is higher than it used to be, and from most views the car looks

Bentley Continental GT, Supreme Long Distance Grand Touring Supercar

Whatever some people may say, supercars need to look good and the Bentley Continental GT looks superb. It is a supercar that really causes heads to turn, and no wonder. The lines are so graceful, so well balanced, and hint at the tremendous pace of the car. And it is very, very fast, with a top speed of at least 198 mph or more and a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds. So when you open the door and ease yourself into the driver's seat, the car has started to win you over, with that elegant interior of hand-stitched leather and wood. These effects don't always work, but here they are absolutely right. Quality tells. Start driving, and apart from a couple of minor things, this supercar wins you over again and again. It's a complex beast, though, not just because of that W-12 engine, designed to be as compact as a 12-cylinder can be. The car has a host of features including four-way adjustable dampers, air suspension with adjustable ride height in case you have to negotiate an awkwa

Hotter Version Of Audi A3 Gets VW Group’s Two Liter Engine

Hot on the heels of the new TT sports car comes the Audi S3. Oddly, the S3 gets a more powerful version of the turbocharged direct injection engine from the VW Group, so the Audi S3 steals the thunder. The new engine has a larger turbocharger and inter cooler, with a number of other mods, to push power up from the 200 bhp of the TT to 265 bhp at 6,000 rpm. The car gets the styling treatment you’d expect, with dark interior relieved slightly by aluminum trim and a fashionably sporty steering wheel with a flat part of the rim at the bottom. Externally, the car is unmistakably Audi A3 but with a few minor mods. Of course, there is a revised front end, which gets dummy lower side grilles a la VW Golf GTI, the now-familiar deep one-piece main grille, now with an extra little grille below. All pretty predictable stuff, as of course was the styling of the original A3. Uprated turbo gives plenty of all-round power But don’t be fooled. With this uprated turbo, the Audi S3 sports hatch can get t

Daihatsu Luxio, MPV Car of Family Choice

The increasing number of car enthusiasts, of course there are many vehicle manufacturers where they want to give their best. Call it the Daihatsu Luxio which is one of the cars of choice for many people. Although currently there are more and more MPV-type vehicle manufacturers on the market, it turns out that not a few of the people choose Luxio as one of their choices. This product itself is the result of the development of a similar type from the previous one, namely the Daihatsu Grand Max. As a type of developer, Luxio is expected to be able to provide many advantages compared to before. Do you need a car that fits many people or for business activities? If so, then you will need a car with a large space, right? And you can rely on this Daihatsu Luxio anytime and anywhere. As mentioned earlier, this car itself is a type of MPV car which offers various advantages in it. Intrigued by what advantages does this one vehicle have? just take a look at the explanation below. 1. Luxury on th

Problems With Daihatsu Xenia Cars

Car damage can occur to any brand name car. Xenia is one of the car brands widely used by Indonesians who are also unable to escape strikes. In fact, the Xenia that broke down was not the only problem the owner was experiencing. Other problems that may occur, for example, the steering wheel vibrates when braking, the cause of the car brakes is flat, the car's disc brakes are hot, causing the drum brakes to become stuck, the cause of the front brake sticking and others. But still, breaking the Xenia can be a big problem because drivers will be confused about bringing the car home. The reason for Xenia Mogok is actually not much different from the cause of the car breaking down in general. Reporting from, there are at least 5 things that are often the mastermind behind a car breaking down, including the Cause of Xenia Strike, namely: 1. FUEL Low or even completely depleted fuel on the Xenia can cause the car to stall. The solution is to refill your Xenia at the nea